Porklips Now

Produced by Ernie Fosselius, the filmmaker who brought you HARDWARE WARS, this short film parodies the 1979 feature film APOCALYPSE NOW. Faithfully recreating the plot of the feature film, PORKLIPS NOW is a must-see for fans of the original. From the backyard barbecues of suburbia to the meat markets of Chinatown, we watch Dullard (played by Billy Gray, famous as "Bud" in the TV series "Father Knows Best") close in on Fred "Madman" Mertz, the renegade butcher whose low meat prices threaten the profits of the Meatcutters Protective Association. A couple of rival butchers expect Dullard to "take care of business" once they find him. PORKLIPS is a brilliant satire of a classic film, even including a send-up of its rumored alternate endings.